Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Here's Why You Look Stupid When You Post Links From Natural News

Many of you have seen shocking headlines from Web pages like Natural News.  Maybe you've even clicked on the link to read the details of the claims being made. You may have noticed the sources for their information are provided at the end of each article.  So where's the problem?  Natural News is citing their sources and passing on information that may be useful to us all, right?

Well, yes and no.  Yes they cite their sources, but no its not often useful information and you probably shouldn't be passing it on to others.  There's an old saying amongst computer programmers: "Garbage in, garbage out", in other words, poor input will always produce poor output. And when you share a link from Natural News you are perpetuating the cycle of nonsensical garbage information that litters the interwebs.

Like many of you who have shared posts stating that Halloween will fall on Friday the 13th for the first time in 666 years

or the various "super moon" memes

folks see provocative headlines and almost immediately make assumptions based on their own beliefs and biases.  All the while information that might lead one to a more logical conclusion is right under our noses, or right under the articles as the case may be with Natural News.

Take a recent post for example. On August 31st Natural News posted an article entitled "Monsanto Wants to Replace the Bees They Are Killing With Flying Ants"  Now without getting into everything that is wrong about that statement, let's suspend disbelief for a moment. The article includes data from the USDA, mentions of the EPA, an apparent mea culpa from Monsatan.....and a link from World News Daily Report.

Yes Virginia, that World News Daily Report. The website that offers headlines such as "FDA Approves Viagra For Dogs" and "Woman Sues For Divorce After Spouse Has An Affair With Dishwasher".  Now before anyone accuses me of using a logical fallacy and "poisoning the well" in regards to this source, it should be noted that in their legal disclaimer, easily found on their website, World News Daily Report fully admits that their articles are for "entertainment purposes only" and satirical. 

But let's do what skeptics are supposed to do and scrutinize the information they've provided.  To find these little truth nuggets in the sea of nonsense one needs only to click the World News Daily Report link at the bottom of the Natural News article.  There we find the original article, published over a month ago complete with a convincing picture that seeks to add to the authenticity.   And that's where it all falls apart.  It's easy enough to seach for the various quotes contained in the article.  It's also pretty simple to search for the specific entities cited in the article.  

The article offers us this lone image of what appears to be a scientist doing the devilish bidding of Monsatan. 

If we dig a little deeper we find that in reality the scientist in the picture is actually Dr Robert L Harrod an Associate Professor conducting Cancer and AIDS research at Southern Methodist University and he has no connection at all to Monsanto or genetically modified flying ants. 

How do we know this?  Well because the picture used in the Weekly News Daily Report article was misappropriated from the SMU blog detailing Dr Harrod's work. 

So what does this all tell us and why do you look stupid when you post links from Natural News?

Well it tells us that the editors at Natural News are so inept that they either don't know that their main source for this particular article is a satire website or they just don't care because the unsubstantiated claims confirm their beliefs and biases. Like most things in life, I'm going to say it's a little of both and frankly either possibility should be disheartening to anyone who claims to be seeking truths. 

So remember next time you feel the need to post a Natural News link or you see one of your friends posting a Natural News link, it's probably complete and utter garbage. Inform your gullible friends and stop the cycle of nonsense. 


  1. Natural News is full with false news with wrong info with wrong pictures ... BUT i AGREE totally agree with them, when the GMO is on subject!!!
    gmo food/ gmo children/ gmo animals for human organs/ and that all will end with gmo human experiment which represent the antichrist.. that days will come, thanks to ppl like YOU!!! who wait for "scientists" to say what is right for you!!! (in my world, scientist are satanic puppets)
    ofcourse, i belive in science but NOT in SOME scientist (they're NOT represenet the objective and absolute truth) and definitely all that gmo and science shit -end up like a big disaster, and the ppl like you will wait the scientists to say YES realy its a disaster and will mess up, but we are not guilty when you can't react in a proper time, why are you wait for us, we just make money while you "sleeping" in our pink inventions..blalbalba
    (ps: i don't agreed with this article)

    1. Confirming your internal biases maybe? In the spirit of this blog here are some reliable sources.. Science journals ftw :) Just a little clue as to how much of your food is GM... Pretty much all of it has been genetically modified by one method or another over thousands of years of human food production.

      Here are some actual peer reviewed studies

    2. It's mighty easy to make up horror stories and fairy tales when you're not starving to death.

      GMOs are going to save as many lives in the 21st century as vaccines did in the 20th.

  2. because you're a fucking idiot